Booklist Article on Books Portraying Today’s Immigration Exerience

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“First Crossing” is just one of many titles for children and young adults suggesed by Booklist

By Delanie Honda (Intern to I’m Your Neighbor)

We were fortunate to find an article by Booklist entitled “The New Immigration Story” that fits in perfectly with I’m Your Neighbor!

While the article was published in 2005 and consequently does not contain recent titles, it has a comprehensive list of books for children, young adults, and adults that deal with the today’s immigration experience.  Countries of origin included are Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Sudan, Romania, Palestine, Venezuela and Latin America.

From the titles I’ve read so far, this is an excellently compiled list and we’ve incorporated several of the children’s books into this site.

View a PDF version of “The New Immigration Story” HERE