Julie Ham on Writing/Illustrating Outside of Your Culture

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diversity-committee-badge---200Julie Ham, associate editor at Charlesbridge Publishers, recently wrote a wonderful post on authors writing outside their culture on the CBC Diversity blog. She asks, “Can authors or illustrators write about or illustrate cultures and races different from their own?” and her answer is “Yes.” Ham writes, “Books about various races and cultures reflect the diverse world we live in, can break stereotypes, bring readers to a faraway locale, and/or encourage readers to consider their own racial or cultural roots…I do believe that writing about or illustrating a culture or race beyond one’s own experience is possible, too. I’m open to books like these when they feel responsibly conceived and executed. Often, it all depends on an author’s research—and how deeply he/she has been invested in an experience outside of his/her own, on an ongoing basis.”

Her contribution adds to the ongoing discussion we have here at I’m Your Neighbor Books and speaks to the mission of this project. We’re glad to see that others agree with us too. We’re also pleased as punch that she mentions our own Anne Sibley O’Brien and I’m Your Neighbor in her post!

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