9781847803894In Too Deep 
By Tom Avery
Published by Frances Lincoln
Sequel to Too Much Trouble

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“It’s Father,” my brother said. “He’s in trouble. We’ve got to get him.”

Prince and Emmanuel are stunned to hear that someone who says she’s their mother is looking for them. Can it really be her, after four long years of separation? The boys are scared and suspicious. And then there’s another shock – they learn that their father is trapped in Tanzania, blackmailed by gangsters to pay off an impossible debt. The boys make a big decision – somehow they must find the money to get to Africa, bring their father home and reunite their family. Even if it means going back to stealing…

Reviews & Accolades
“An exciting sequel to Too Much Trouble, this sees the boys getting into a desperate situation. Exciting, pacy, dramatic – just the thing to engross the reader.” —Parents in Touch

“An exciting, well told story with much to hold the attention of the most reluctant boy reader.” —School Librarian

Groups Represented
Congolese British

Sibling Relationship
Family Relationships
Fleeing Persecution
Separation & Reunion
Foster Care

Congo (DRC)

Engagement Projects
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