9780060843687_p0_v1_s192x300Floating on Mama’s Song / Flotando con la Canción de Mamá
By Laura Lacamara
Illustrated by Yuyi Morales
Published by Harper Collins

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“…filled with whimsy and humor
about the power of voice and family.”

–Kirkus Reviews


Anita comes home from school on her seventh birthday to find her mother singing opera and floating in the air. Outside, her dog, Tito, is also floating. “‘It’s been happening all day, every time I sing!'” says Mama. Then Anita realizes that everyone who hears the music floats, too. But, when some nosy neighbors complain that their pig, goat, and cow are floating, Grandma orders her daughter to stop singing. Mama grows sad, the cow won’t give milk, the pig won’t eat, and the goat won’t sleep. Everyone is miserable. An old picture with a cow stuck in a mango tree helps Anita, Grandma, and Mama discover the special gift that all the women in the family have.

Debut author Laura Lacámara’s lyrical, uplifting tale is paired with Yuyi Morales’s stunning art for a magical celebration of family, music, and happiness.

A la mamá de Anita le encanta cantar. Sus canciones son tan bonitas y felices que crean algo mágico: todo el que escucha su música se eleva y flota en el aire. Pero la mamá de Anita deja de cantar. ¿Logrará Anita recobrar los tiempos felices y los momentos mágicos para ella y su familia?

La lírica e inspiradora historia de Laura Lacámara y el arte espectacular de Yuyi Morales retratan una celebración mágica de la familia, la música y la felicidad.


Reviews & Accolades
“Lacámara’s debut weaves together a stirring Caribbean tale inspired by her Cuban roots and her mother’s opera singing. Both the English and Spanish versions of the story are fun and easy to read, and also well translated. The fusion of Morales’s collage illustrations, with bright energetic colors, large warm brown characters, and real photographs interspersed with digitally enhanced foliage, will help children’s imaginations take flight. A grand addition to most bilingual collection.” –School Library Journal

“Lacámara debuts with a whimsical bilingual tale of a family whose love of music takes a magical turn …Morales’s luminous paintings are a vision, rife with sly characterizations, warm familial bonds, and the joy that music brings. ” –Publisher’s Weekly

“Together, author and illustrator offer a story filled with whimsy and humor about the power of voice and family.” –Kirkus Reviews

Groups Represented
Mexican American
Cuban American


United States

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