Hairs-Pelitos-Cisneros-Sandra-9780679890072Hairs / Pelitos
 By Sandra Cisneros
Illustrated by Terry Ybanez
Published by Dragonfly

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“In any language, in any culture, the dreams and comforts of children across the earth are all the same.” —Children’s Literature

This bilingual book takes its text from a chapter in Sandra Cisneros’ classic novel The House on Mango Street.  Cisneros and Ybanez introduce the readers to the varies members of a family by focusing particularly on the differences in their hair.

Reviews & Accolades
“Everybody in our family has different hair”/ “Todos en nuestra familia tenemos pelo diferente,” begins this rhythmic, bilingual picture book taken from acclaimed novelist/short-story writer Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street. Ybez expands upon the diversity theme by rendering the family members in a variety of unusual skin tones as well as with distinctive hairstyles. Purple-faced Papa has hair “like a broom,/ all up in the air,” while Nettie’s “slippery” orange hair contrasts vividly with her blue skin. The narrator waxes lyrical on the subject of Mama’s hair: “sweet to put your nose into when she is holding you, holding you and you feel safe, [it] is the warm smell of bread before you bake it.” Each spread is framed by bright borders ornamented with everyday objects-shoes and bikes; steaming cups of coffee; dice, jacks and jumpropes. Inside, the characters seem to float across swirling blocks of color. A spirited and buoyant celebration of individuality and of the bonds within families.”   —Publishers Weekly

“In this simple story, a youngster describes how every member of her family has hair of different texture. Her brief observations, in bi-lingual text, frame the fiery paintings. The differences within the family testify to the individuality of each member and the love that makes them a unit.”   —Children’s Literature

“This exuberant bilingual picture book, with eye-catching artwork, is an affectionate picture of familial love and a cozy bedtime book.”—The Horn Book.

Groups Represented
Mexican American
Puerto Rican

Family Love
Cultural Diversity

United States
Chicago, IL

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