My Colors, My World / Mis colores, mi mundo

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My Colors, My World/Mis Colores, Mi Mundo

Written and Illustrated by
Maya Christina Gonzalez
Published by Lee & Low

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Winner of a 2010 Pura Belpre Illustrator Honor!

Maya longs to find brilliant, beautiful color in her world. But when the wind blows, desert sand covers everything, and turns her whole neighborhood the color of dust. With the help of a feathered friend, Maya searches high and low to find the colors in her world. And she does―in the vibrant purple of her Mama’s flowers, the juicy green of a prickly cactus, the hot pink clouds at sunset, and the shiny black of her Papi’s hair. As they follow Maya’s search for all the colors of the rainbow, little readers will be inspired to look around and ask themselves, where can I find the colors in my world? Winner of the Pura Belpré Award Honor.

Reviews & Accolades
“This striking bilingual book about a girl who lives in the desert is a pleasure to behold. Myra looks for color in her world with the help of her little feathered friend. Her exploration starts with the browns typical of the dessert sands. She opens her eyes wide to see the c-o-l-o-r-s in her world and she falls for her favorite, pink. The beautiful pink double spread is most attractive. The rest of the colors—orange, purple, yellow, green, red, black and blue—are represented in all their glory. A very useful book to use with children who are learning about colors. It would also be useful in an art class to show children how to see colors in their world. The illustrations are bold and, needless to say, very colorful. The simple language is just right for preschoolers and kindergartners. Great addition to any bilingual collection. ”
Children’s Literature

“Trying to find color and beauty in her childhood world of the California Mojave Desert, Maya (the author/illustrator as a young girl) uses her artistic propensities to seek out objects that stand out from their dusty surroundings. The playful Latina girl, with her cleft chin, beauty mark and wide, brown almond-shaped eyes, is at the heart of every double-page spread with her companion, her purple bird. She finds pink in the sunset and in her favorite outfits, the orange marigolds, the purple irises with their yellow pollen, the green cactus and her red swing. To round out her palette, she finds her Papi’s black hair, the blue of the night sky and the brown mud that she turns into beautifully decorated pies. The bilingual text provides a short poetic narrative, and the color words in Spanish and English are printed in a larger font that matches the color for each object. The intensely colored paintings, featuring some touches of magical realism (Maya floats into the sky with a brilliant pink sun and a moon with a folkloric rabbit in his cheek), don’t always lend themselves easily to the color-concept book format, but this book can jump-start the world of the imagination.”–Kirkus Review

Groups Represented
Mexican American


United States
California Desert

Engagement Projects
List of Color words English/Spanish included in the book.

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