Quinito, Day and Night/Quinito, día y noche

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9780892392261_p0_v1_s192x300Quinito, Day and Night/Quinito, día y noche

Written By Ina Cumpiano
Illustrated By Jose Ramirez
Published by Children’s Book Press

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From dawn till dusk, Quinito’s life is full of opposites. In the morning, he’s up and running — fast or slowly, depending on the day. If it’s sunny, he’s off to the park to swing high and low. If it’s a rainy, stay-at-home day, Quinito’s quiet at naptime and noisy at playtime. So much to do before the sun sets! This playful story builds awareness in young readers that everywhere they look, opposites abound. Told in both English and Spanish, Quinito, Day and Night is a delight for readers young or old, tall or short, messy or neat.

Reviews & Accolades
“Young bilingual readers will read and find out about antonyms through this English and Spanish story of a young boy named, Quinito. The opposite vocabulary words are in bold print for young readers, and the child-friendly text font is simplistically laid out with English text on top and Spanish text underneath. To separate each language, an illustration from the text is presented between each translation. The English to Spanish translations are suitable for beginning readers. The rich and colorful illustrations are appealing to readers of either language or for those learning either language. Quinito’s first person account is realistic for readers with the accompanying pictures. The boy often finds himself between the two comparisons in the book, such as neither messy or neat or not short or too tall. This picture book makes a superb ancillary to bilingual classrooms or school library collections due to its educational merit on the introduction or reinforcement of antonym education.”–Children’s Literature

Quinito-of Quinito’s Neighborhood (2005)-returns with a plethora of opposites as he escorts readers through his family’s bilingual activities with Mami, Papi, little sister Clara and brother Juan. Readers learn his parents/padres have long hair/pelo largo, he has short hair/pelo corto, and hermanita Clara has almost no hair/casi no tiene pelo. While Quinito, Juan and Clara are young/jovenes, Grandpa and Grandma are old/son viejos. Some are neat/ordenado and some are messy/desordenado. Bold, bright double-page gouaches on textured canvas illustrate this cocoa-skinned Latino family inside and outside their home playing, working, reading, eating and finally retiring after a typical day. A dual text of English above an equally matched Spanish version will have preschoolers relating to the familiarity of Quinito’s day and night activities, while children in a bilingual environment will appreciate the opposing features of each in two familiar languages.”–Kirkus Review

Ramírez’s stunning illustrations are characterized by the use of thick, splotchy paint on textured canvas, expressionistic lines, and vividly colored figures outlined in black. Numerous action words make this book a great read-aloud for children learning opposites or for those studying familiar opposite words in a second language. Simple vocabulary and clear and consistent text placement also render this title appropriate for newly independent readers.”–School Library Journal

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Family Relationships

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A bilingual glossary of terms is presented for readers.

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