9780544432284My Two Blankets
By Irena Kobald
Illustrated by Freya Blackwood
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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“Loneliness, cultural displacement, tentative friendship, and an explosion of sharing and kindness are accessible even to very young readers.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review


Moving is hard—but friends make it easier.

In this stunning multicultural picture book illustrated by Kate Greenaway Medalist Freya Blackwood, a young girl has moved to a new country with her auntie, and misses all she’s ever known. Everything in her new country feels so strange: the animals, the plants—even the wind. To comfort herself, she creates a safe place under her old blanket, which is made out of memories, thoughts, and reminders of home. After meeting a new friend in the park, the girl begins to weave a new blanket—one made of friendship, new words, and a renewed sense of belonging. It’s very different from the old blanket, but it eventually becomes just as warm and familiar—and one to share with her new friend.

MY TWO BLANKETS Illustration © Freya Blackwood

MY TWO BLANKETS Illustration © Freya Blackwood

Reviews & Accolades
“A girl her auntie used to call Cartwheel must flee from a land of war to a place where they can be safe. She finds life there hard and cold, so she takes refuge in a metaphorical blanket of words and memories from her former life. In the park one day, another little girl smiles at her, then brings her to the swings. More than that, she brings her words, and Cartwheel says them to herself, again and again. The text is exquisitely simple, and the watercolor-and-oil images complement, expand, and illuminate the words with magic and delight. Cartwheel is always brown and orange and gold, as is the blanket she weaves in her imagination of the words and sounds of home. The other girl is blue and green and pink and pale yellow, and she brings new words to her friend in the shape of origami forms. As Cartwheel weaves those words into a second blanket of those colors and shapes, they unfold on the page in beauty. Loneliness, cultural displacement, tentative friendship, and an explosion of sharing and kindness are accessible even to very young readers. The final image of Cartwheel teaching her friend how do a cartwheel tugs at the heart with joy. An amazingly lovely import from Australia.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“With its bold visual metaphors, My Two Blankets ingeniously captures a child’s efforts to weave the old with the new.”
New York Times Book Review

Groups Represented

Multicultural Friendship
Learning English

Unnamed African country

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