Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

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Golden Domes and Silver LanternsGolden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors
By Hena Khan
Illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini
Published by Chronicle Books

“A sophisticated color-concept book featuring a contemporary family introduces Islam to young Muslims and children who don’t practice this faith” –Kirkus Reviews

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Magnificently capturing the colorful world of Islam for the youngest readers, this breathtaking and informative picture book celebrates Islam’s beauty and traditions. From a red prayer rug to a blue hijab, everyday colors are given special meaning as young readers learn about clothing, food, and other important elements of Islamic culture, with a young Muslim girl as a guide. Sure to inspire questions and observations about world religions and cultures, Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns is equally at home in a classroom reading circle as it is being read to a child on a parent’s lap.

Reviews & Accolades
ALA Notable Book, 2012

“In this picture book, Khan immerses young readers in “deen”—the Muslim way of life. Each spread portrays a Muslim custom, clothing style, or religious tenet and links it to a color used throughout the scene. “Red is the rug Dad kneels on to pray” exemplifies the accessible mix of tradition (prayer rugs) and modernity (colloquial English) the author uses throughout the book. The emphases are both the particulars of Islam and the universal concerns of all caring societies and religions—devotion; helping the poor through “zakat,” or money for charity; exchanging gifts at the holiday of Eid. Amini’s illustrations apply lush and muted jewel tones to images and scenes from domestic and religious life in a contemporary Muslim culture. Scenes of street life and home life hold architectural detail and textile patterns and attract second and third looks. Arabic terms are woven into the text, some explained directly, some by context, making the book suitable for children of all faiths.” –Publisher’s Weekly

A sophisticated color-concept book featuring a contemporary family introduces Islam to young Muslims and children who don’t practice this faith…The glossary is excellent, explaining unfamiliar terms succinctly. The stylized illustrations, richly detailed, often play with the sizes of the objects in a surrealistic way. It is difficult to tell whether the family lives in the Middle East, Britain (home of the artist) or North America. The secular architecture looks Western, but the mosque looks very grand and Middle Eastern. The clothing styles are difficult to associate with a particular country. This both maximizes accessibility and deprives the tale of specificity–clearly a conscious trade-off. A vibrant exploratory presentation that should be supplemented with other books.” –Kirkus Reviews

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Muslim American

Celebration, Religious faith


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