Recommend Books

Our book list and library of related engagement projects are ever growing.  We greatly welcome your recommendations!

What Types of Books Are We Looking For?
I’m Your Neighbor lists children’s books set in “new arrival” cultures either in their home country/culture or set in the country they have emigrated to.

Which Countries or Cultures?
We are looking for the stories of  refugees, immigrants, and asylees that have come in large numbers to the United States in the last 40 years.  For ideas, look to Browse Books by Setting or Browse Books by Groups Represented.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?
As we are primarily interested in the stories of people’s lives, we are looking for fiction and narrative non-fiction (especially memoir and biography).

Contemporary or Historical?
We are looking for contemporary titles unless the historical novel informs why a particular group emigrated to the United States.  For example, we may include a book about the Khmer Rouge as it informs the emigration of so many Cambodian Americans citizens to the United States.

Thank you for letting us know about a book we should include!
Send your recommendation to:

Kirsten Cappy