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Greetings Authors, Illustrators, & Publishers!

Do you have a book title that you think should be included on this website?
Wonderful!  Find out what types of books we are looking to include on the site and recommend your book here.

 If my book is included in the website, what can I do to help?

Tell Us About Your Cultural Research
The assessment of  multicultural and global titles by educators and other literacy professionals often includes researching the cultural background and cultural research of the author and illustrator.  Educators advising us on the project encouraged us to provide that information on this website.

Would you help us by writing a short piece (200-300 words) that gives us some insight into your creation of this title?  The following questions might help you think about the content of that piece.  Our thanks to author Mitali Perkins and the CBC Diversity blog for their direction with these questions:

1. If you are writing outside your own culture or heritage, were there challenges writing/illustrating about a culture not your own?

2. What were your three most important sources as you wrote/illustrated this story?

3. Who or what was your inspiration for this story and why did you choose to write/illustrate for a children’s/young adult audience?

4. Beyond drawing from your personal experiences or your imagination, did you do additional behind-the-scenes homework (research, interviews, etc.)?

If you create such a bio, please email it to Kirsten Cappy, our Creative Director.

Share Educator or Community “Engagement” Projects
We believe these books have impact on individuals, but can have impact on communities as a whole when they are read widely, discussed, used in cross-cultural events, or are otherwise used to engage a community.  Do you have discussions questions, event ideas, or stories about community engagement that you would like to share?  Be in touch with Kirsten Cappy, our Creative Director.